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Anything is Possible #Write28Days

When you are in the midst of brokenness, everything can feel impossible, especially change and healing.  When I was younger, I would often hear adults quote Henry Ford’s  “Whether you think you can or you  think you can’t, you’re right.”  There is some truth to that, because you aren’t going to try to heal if you think it is impossible.  You are not going to try to change, if you think it is impossible.  In the Bible there is a scripture that speaks directly to this.  Matthew 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”\

It doesn’t mean that God will take us out of the process.  Matthew 26:39 He went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.” 

While God could have kept Jesus from the cross and death, it would have changed the outcome for us all. If Jesus hadn't overcome death and the power of sin, we would have faced the consequences.

Anything is possible

There are some processes that need to be walked out, regardless how painful.  Not because God is a sadist, but because He knows what lies on the other side of the journey.  Christ died so that we could be reconciled back to Him.  God knows that we have to walk out our healing so that we will be strong enough to use it for His glory.

It is hard to see how God can use our brokenness for His glory.  There is not a one size fits all answer to how it will be used for God’s glory.  What I know is that with God, anything is possible.  It might be that you will be a mouthpiece for others who are too vulnerable to speak out for justice.  It might be that your journey brings someone else to the knowledge of Christ and their path will take them to greater places.  It might be that your journey brings someone else hope in their journey.  With God you never know how He will use the brokenness and the journey to healing, but it will always amaze you on the healing side.

There have been times, where I have stood at the bedside of a patient, comforted a family or counseled with a young adult, and provided hope.  Connection occurs as I have been able to share from my personal experience.  It amazes me how much of my story I have shared in small pieces to help someone else facing the same situation.  I always wondered how one person could experience so much and still be a productive member of society, with God anything is possible!

If you are ready to start the change process, start telling yourself it is possible.  You may have to speak it until you really believe it.  Start telling yourself healing is possible.  Remind yourself daily that anything is possible.


This blog post is inspired by Anita Ojeda and the #Write28Days Challenge. The challenge is to write 28 days in February

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