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Focus on Praise {#Write31Days}

In our society it is so easy to get focused on the negative around us, but if you want to be successful, turn that focus into praise.   It takes about 40 positives to overcome one negative.

And research shows that for every 20 interactions 17 of them are generally negative. So praise the good, let go of the bad, and learn from your mistakes.


Praise those who help you. You can always find something positive to say about those who are helping you in your journey. Give them credit where it is due.

As much as possible, focus on what is done right instead of what is wrong.

Praise in public, give correction in private.

Praise your critics. In hindsight I realize that much that I have accomplished has been because someone told me I couldn’t. Or progress was made because someone criticized me way. Critics can propel us forward towards our destiny if we let them.

Praise yourself. You need a cheerleader in your corner, and some days you may be the only one who can fill that roll.  Focus on what you do right more than what you do wrong. Self-talk is important, make it count.  Realize that even in the areas where you fail, you can always try again.


Focus with prompts by #FMFParty. Write 31 Days is an online writing challenge, where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day. Five Minute Fridays provides prompts and encourages writers to free write for five minutes on the prompt.

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