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I have learned that even for things I receive for free someone paid the price

I have learned that the best things in life may be free (English Proverb)


Someone paid the price.

Salvation is free to me.  There is nothing I can do to earn salvation, it is a free gift of God.  I must only believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I will be saved.  I can receive it without cost, but God sent His son to pay the ultimate price for me to receive it.

Freedom is free to me.  There is nothing that I can do to earn my freedom, it is a free gift from those who went before me.  Other people have had to pay with their time and some ultimately with their life for the freedoms that I often take for granted.

Love is free.  Love is both a noun and a verb.  God is love.  He is mine if I choose to receive Him.  Love cost Him everything.  Love is a feeling. I can not make someone feel love towards me.  Love costs time, because that feeling is cultivated over time, it does not just happen.  Love is an action.  I can not make someone love me.  However, we love because we were first loved by God.  As I mentioned His love for me, cost Him His Son.

Healthy Relationships are not something I can pay for, spending all the money in the world on material things is not going to get me a healthy relationship.  A healthy relationship will cost time and a  regular sacrifice of personal wants and desires.  I can be in a relationship and it can never cost me anything.  That type of relationship, while fulfilling my wants and desires, will never be healthy.  It will cost the other person their dignity as they must always put my needs about their own.  In a healthy relationship, each person is going to put the needs of the other above their own at times.  Health relationships also require that a priority be placed on time together.

I have learned that even when free, someone paid a price.

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