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Run, Hide, and Take

I woke up Monday morning with my heart racing a mile a minute from a vivid dream.  My husband and someone else were running away from someone.  They took off out the door and were on foot.  In the home where we were, there was also a young woman with a young child, which was my child but not one I recognized.  I gave her the child and proceeded to try to find a hiding place.  First I tried under the bed, but wouldn’t fit.  Then in my closet, which I determined would be the first place they would look, then in another closet.  All the while those looking for us were fast approaching.

Restoring Voice Run Hide Take

Many of us try to run from God.  We act as if there is somewhere we can go that He can not find us.  We run from the purposes and plans He has for our lives.  We run from the responsibilities that He wants us to take.  We run from His will for us.  Sometimes it is a short run, others spend their lives running away from God.

Others run from God chasing after something or someone else.  Sometimes I think, we don’t even realize that we are running until we hit that point of desperation where we have caught what we thought we needed to obtain and realize that the happiness we sought is not there.  God did not call use to seek after other people.  He did not call us  to seek things.  He called us to seek Him.

Then there are those who know they will get caught, so they have the presence of mind not to run, but instead they try to hide.  Sometimes we hide in the busyness of life preoccupied with things that God did not call us to.  We pack  our schedules with so much that we don’t have “free time” for God to speak to or use us.  We are  too busy hiding in our own agenda to allow God time to do His will in our life.

Other times we hide because we are afraid of what He might place on us, that it is too big .  We hide from His voice, because we know if He speaks we will be called to obey.  We fail to realize that it is not in our strength, but in our weakness that He called us because it is Him working through us that will accomplish what he lays before us.

Lastly there are those who think that they are being kind  and helpful, but in reality Satan is using to keep others from their destiny.  These people don’t run and hide, they take on the responsibility that is not theirs. They take on things, sometimes with the right heart, but it keeps others from having to step out of their comfort zone and do what God has said they should do.  Sometimes, their heart is that no one can do it as good, but as John Maxwell says if someone else can do it 80% as good as you, than its okay to delegate.

It is time as Christians that we stop running.  That we stop hiding.  And that we stop taking everything on so that people can start walking in the destiny God has for them.

I shared this blog at as part of Inspire Me Mondays.

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