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The Path of Grief and Loss

I wanted to write about the path of righteousness, but my mind has taken me down a different path today

The Path of Grief and Loss

Restoring Voice Path of Grief and Loss

It’s a long journey The path is crooked It goes up and down It winds around Taking you down a path You never thought you would go again.

When you think that it is coming to an end It loops back around Jerking you into the stark reality That the journey is never over The path just gets wider Easier to manage

The path often takes you back To the beginning That first loss And journeys you along Through additional losses You have faced through the years

You still cry tears As if it just happened yesterday But Yesterday is gone And the tears just come in floods And then dry up As you move past the moment

The memories still come And sometimes they bring a tear Other times a laugh or smile The loss will always be there But so will the memories And that makes the path worth journeying on.

This post is part of the link up for the Five Minute Friday over at Kate Motaung’s Blog , where you write for Five Minutes on a specific word and the goal is to just write & no editing. (It is supposed to be a free write)

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