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Shared Focus {#Write31Days}

Restoring Voice shared focus

The Bible talks a lot of about sharing with one another, sharing burdens, joys, sorrows, in needs, in sufferings, resources, visions, and inheritance to name a few. In order to help focus on what God has called me to do there are certain things that I need to share.

First I have to be willing to share my life with God.  In order to do His will, I have to give Him access to my life.

I have to be opening to sharing my gifts and talents with others.  God’s will for my life, for your life, will always include others.  Our gifts are giving to share with other believers and to reach the lost world around us.

Research varies on sharing the vision.  Some report that sharing goals will help you meet those goals.  Recent studies show the opposite, that sharing your goal actually decreases the likelihood of successful completion, especially if it is not a specific goal.  I find it helpful to write my goals out and share with one or two people who will hold me accountable.  They may not be people who will walk along in my focused purpose, but are people who will walk along side me personally.

Share your victories.  Even if you don’t share on the front end, when you know that you have done something that God has called you to do, share it.  Not in a self-centered focus, but in a giving God the glory way.  The victory is His.  Share Him with others.

Share your struggles. This one is harder to do at time, but God puts people in our lives to help fill in the gaps.  We need others who have strengths to cover our weaknesses.  This is true in any endeavor, but especially in walking out God’s will for our lives.

Share the sorrows.  People often forget those they share laughter with, but when you share in the tears there is a bond created.  Sharing your sorrows with others allows them to encourage you when you are feeling hopeless about your vision.  Sharing your sorrows allows others to come around you and help support you until you get back on track .  We all face times of discouragement, sharing times of sorrows will help you keep your focus during those time.

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