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Winning together in marriage

Yesterday my son-in-law made a comment that was so profound and simple.  My two daughters, my son-in-law and I were playing Baggo after family dinner.  The first round he was teamed with my daughter, his wife.  They won.  The second round he was teamed with me.  He won.  His wife lost. The third round He was teamed with my youngest daughter, he lost.  His wife won.

We had a running joke the first two rounds that my daughter had married a winner, there could be no doubt.  The second round we joked that she might have married a winner, but he had married a loser.  Then my son-in-law lost the last round.


As we picked up the bean bags to carry inside.  He said something along the lines that “We both were losers when we weren’t together.”  I thought, how profound.

In marriage, it is so easy to let the things of this world come between me and my spouse.  It doesn’t have to be something bad, it could just be busyness.  It could be children, career, hobbies, volunteering, friends, even church.  In and of themselves none of those are bad, but we can’t allow anything to come between us and our spouse.  It is a recipe for disaster in any relationship.

I need to make sure that I intentionally place my marriage at the top of my priority list.  Nothing but God should be more important.  I have to make sure that I do not do anything that will separate me from my spouse.

When I do that, not only will my spouse and I win, but our children will win.  It’s about staying on the same team, regardless of what we come against because together we will win.

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